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Der dritte Raum im Rohstofflager

28. April 2010

Der Dritte Raum (“The Third Room”) is the alias of producer Andreas Krüger and live co-pilot Ralf Uhrlandt. It all began in 1994 when D3R signed to Sven Vath’s legendary Harthouse label with the Mental Modulator release. Immediately they found their audience with a sound hovering somewhere between atmospheric trance and funky techno. D3R also became one of Germany’s most loved live electronic acts for their fun and intense performances. After two full length releases and several singles with Harthouse, D3R signed to Virgin to release their biggest commercial hit, Hale Bopp, which was championed by DJ’s such as Sasha and Digweed in the late 90s. Since the glory days of trance, D3R took on a more techno-influenced sound, but never really fit into any one genre, a testament to their diversity. Today, D3R produces for the revamped Harthouse Mannheim imprint and is booked by Sven’s Cocoon agency.

Mainfloor: Der dritte Raum (Live)
Stratos: Sarah Goldfarb (Live), Daniel Mehlhart, Franklin de Costa

Samstag 05.06.2010 23.00
Rohstofflager Zürich

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