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Raresh im Cabaret

11. June 2010

Exuberance, joy, intense groove and the perfect mix of house, techno and minimal. 100 % pure Romanian success. Raresh, only 23 years old, is the best romanian DJ with a huge international fame. Each week brings him at least two round-trip flights to corners of the world: Frankfurt, London, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Madrid and the list may continue. He is part of the Cocoon Booking roster. The young artist was invited to play at the most famous world clubs and festivals: Timewarp, Sonne Mond Sterne, Nature One, Love Parade. Together with his friends Rhadoo and Pedro he founded in 2007 the romanian electronic music label called [a:rpia:r]. Their debut vinyl contains also Raresh first production called “Dry Tool”. Amongst his projects we can mention the Audiomatic Net Radio – Live DJ Broadcasting (every wednesday fron 22:00 (gmt + 2) ), together with Praslea.

Freitag 10.09.2010 23.00
Cabaret Zürich

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