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Franco Bianco in der Bar59

9. August 2010

Be sure to keep an eye on Franco in 2010. He will surprise you with an astonishing new live act as well as a collaboration with Yamaha and their Tenori-On instrument! You will experience an innovative and different dimension while listening to his all improvised “Franco Bianco Live!” stage productions involving this new instrument. Franco is going where nobody has gone yet! Expect it to be the perfect meeting of sound, light and the avant-garde.

2010 will be a particularly eventful year for Franco since he is currently working on new releases and remixes. In collaboration with Nacho Benedetti, he is producing an album containing remixes of no other than Oscar-winning artist Jorge Drexler, who is also a very famous Uruguayan singer and author. Franco Bianco’s discography can also be looked up on Discogs directly (

Stay tuned for the upcoming projects of this talented and boundless artist, always there to make you savour unforgettable moments on the dancefloor.

Here some tracks and Live! sets:

Freitag 10.09.2010 23.00
Bar59 Luzern

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