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Tom Clark in der alten Börse

24. September 2010

tom clark started his dj-ing in 1993. he was later casted at the legendary berlin-based ” e-werk “, where he soon got an residency. due of the enourmous influence of this club, he started spinning in almost every location in berlin, later germany and europe-wide. since 1995 he is one of the resident djs at the famous tresor club, but one can find him spinning in every hot spot of berlin, be it the ” ostgut, sternradio, polar tv (no ufos) so36, pfefferbank to name a few. his music style varied within the typpical berlin groove – from detroit techno to new school electro and back to deep house. apart from this spinning, tom was also the owner and in-house producer of the now deleted “gold plate music” imprint, which was highly influental for the younger record label scene of berlin. gold plate started in 1997 and some of germany´s most acclaimed new artists like “gebrüder teichmann” (now on kompakt, festplatten etc.) released here first. to get things going on, tom started two new labels in october 2000: “highgrade records”, which is dealing with traditional and minimalistic deep house music and “laufwerk musik”, which is an outlet for techno, elektro and “freaky” stuff. catch his productions on labels like highgrade, morris audio, superbra, rampe d, pokerflat or cabinet. with more than 100 bookings a year, tom clark is one of the most demanded djs in berlin, and he surely is one of the most creative heads in the ever-pumping berlin club scene.

Fr 24.09.2010 23.00
Alte Börse Zürich

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