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Gez Varley in der Zukunft

14. October 2010

Gez Varley first came to prominence in 1990 as one half (together with Mark Bell) of the ground breaking leeds based duo LFO. After their spilt in 96, Gez produced some real classics under his G-Man Alias like the G-Man Ep and the track Quo Vadis. The project developed organicly over the to year 1996 where an album and live work became part of a natural flow of events, resulting in ’96 with release of the cd album kushti. At the beginning of ’99, Gez moved to germany. he began to play more gigs in the Netherlands and Germany. Since G-Man moved to germany he has started a new record label with his girlfriend. the first released on GMR was in october 2000, with the volume one of the kinight trax. he also released the amazing album bayous paradis on force inc and do two remixes for the belgian duo bng, included on the atv2 album. from 2005-2008 a bunch of new tracks came out on WIR, i220 and his own imprint GMR.

Sa 04.12.2010 24.00
Zukunft Zürich

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