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Goldie in der roten Fabrik

26. November 2010

Starting out as a Graffiti artist, earning comissions from local councils in the UK. He moved to the US when be began fitting gold teeth (hence his artist name), alongside appearing in the grafitti art-movie “Bombing”.

He returned to the UK, and became a convert to Rave after being taken to Rage by DK Kemistry (his girlfriend at the time), and eventually started doing design work for Reinforced Records, before becoming A & R man for the label. He then started to produce his own tunes, usually alongside DJ Freebase (Linford Jones).

He quickly became one of D’n’B’s most famous figures, establishing the infamous Metalheadz (Label & club night), gaining an acting role as a dodgy gangster in the TV show ‘EastEnders’ and was also a participant in the celebrity version of the reality show ‘Big Brother’. He also starred in Michael Apted’s James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough” (1999) as a dodgy gangster called “Bull” (Robbie Coltrane’s sidekick)

Fr 03.12.2010 23.00
Rote Fabrik Zürich

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