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Bukaddor & Fishbeck in der Pfingstweide

30. November 2010

The Bukaddor & Fishbeck release „Polterabend“ exploded with the international techno scene. Seemingly out of nowhere the duo had appeared and had fused the „new minimal“ with dance music. There is more to music than going with the flow as we know and they had taken the right step at the right moment. With a dozen releases after „Polterabend“ the duo has established its reputation as being unique and artistic.

Little is known about the duo except the records and they seem to take up the Kraftwerk philosophy of having the music speak for itself. The couple has recorded anything from minimal jacking music to hardish techno to melodic techno-house (see remix for Cosmic Sandwich). Their second love is definitely to perform, either as a DJ team or playing live together. The have played a lot of gigs in Berlin as they played Panoramabar, Tresor, Ritter Butzke, Die Wilde Renate and gigs in Switzerland and Italy.

Constantly being played out by Richie Hawtin, they had received big praise by Ivan Smagghe for their track „Tandem“  which he called: „the best house track of the year 2009“.

Bukaddor & Fishbeck are a Cologne duo but have their high-tech studio in Dusseldorf which features many put-together analogue machines Bukaddor has assembled over the last 10 years. These provide him with a sound, many producers are craving for right now. He is also working in his own mastering studio shaping sounds for other
musicians worldwide.

The wide musical spectrum have given Bukaddor & Fishbeck access also to the motherlabel Traum on which they have released two records so far  “Sceada” and “Carat”. Top DJs who are supporting them right now are: Richie Hawtin, Black Strobe / Ivan Smagghe, Huntemann, Sian (Sci –Tech, Pokerflat),  Patrice Bäumel, Dave Tarrida (Tresor, Sativa), Danny Howells (Global Underground), Markus Kavka (MTV Germany), Laurent Garnier and Patrick Lindsey.

Sa 11.12.2010 23.00
Pfingstweide Zürich

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