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Dandy Jack in der Zukunft

29. January 2011

Martin Schopf, aka Dandy Jack, is a musician and behind-the-scenes organizer in both Chile and Germany. In Santiago he created the Microman club together with Adrian Schopf (DJ Adrian), which apart from being a club, became a nucleus for many electronic events such as Encuentro de la Technocultura. Today he’s the head of Mutek Chile, the southern version of Canada’s famous electronic music festival.

As a musician he has released many individual projects such as Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers in 1997, Dandy Jack and the Plastic Woman in 1998 – both on Ratherinteresting – Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava on Perlon, Dandy Jack and the Latin Elvis on Contexterrior.

Schopf has also worked in a number of musical partnerships including Sieg über die Sonne with Tobias Fruend, Carabina 30:30 with Luciano, Gon with Uwe Schmidt, Amp with Peter Namlook, Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzalez, Ric y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos and most recently Dandy Jack and the Junction SM with Sonia Moonear. Schopf is also involved in the live techno project Narod Niki alongside a rotating cast which includes Ricardo Villalobos, Monolake and Richie Hawtin.

Many of Schopf’s projects intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sounds and rhythms.

Fr 04.02.2011 24.00
Club Zukunft Zürich

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