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Nôze im Hive

13. March 2011

Nicolas Sfintescu aka DJ Freak – founder member of the label Circus Company – and his stage partner, the brilliant Ezechiel Pailhes are together: Nôze, an adventurous electro band from Paris, being praised by the press since their live gig at the 2005 Sonar Festival. Nôze are voted as the third hottest live act ever seen in 2006 by the readers of Germany´s greatest magazine for electronic aspects: De-Bug.

FREAK, starting as Hip Hop artist, also produces and co-produces music for other highly regarded artists like ARK or JAMIE LIDELL. Nicolas Sfintescu is Mr 100.000 Volt who’s bulb has no expire date.

Nôze are two comrades, two troublemakers, full of life, joy and happiness, often wearing their straw hats and stripping of their clothes at the end of their show after musically anything has been touched. A touch of Summer even in the deepest Winter.

They are coming with a lot of gear, playing real instruments like the Korg MS20 and the digital legend Korg M1. Supported by their music computers, the big mixing desk as the core and their own voices, they create a unique show on any stage, taking the vibes of the club up to the max!

The friends of Nôze excited of their music are: Luciano, Akufen, Ricardo Villalobos, Thomas Brinkmann, Ark, Krikor, Cosmo Vitelli, John Tejada, Hot Chip, abd, Herbert… to name a few.

“Kitchen” and “Tulip Schnaps” released on Trapez 057 are highlights of their live set followed by the next Release of Traumschallplatten company: “Remember Love” MBF ltd 12012!!!

In last years Summer, Nôze produced their own videoclip of Kitchen, which takes place in the Normandie, featuring Nicolas Sfintescu and a female South American beauty. The video was dropped to MTV France and other stations.

Sa 07.05.2011 23.00
Hive Zürich

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