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Christian Burkhardt in der Pfingstweide

22. March 2011

Christian Burkhardt, born in Heidelberg, Germany, attracted initial attention in 2007, when his publications with Oslo Records and Raum…musik found their way into the record cases of international DJs. Though Christian had always been an insider of the club scene, he reached this stage of his career in a roundabout way.

In 1998 he bought a digital work station and an Atari computer to produce club music, but he soon realized the limitations of his equipment. He subsequently bought a PC and used VST technologies exclusively. By and by he started buying analogous equipment to integrate into his setup. He was constantly looking for the perfect sound. At that time Christian worked on music and video productions for ‘Man vs. Machine’, which was broadcast as part of the night programme of the German TV channel “Hessischer Rundfunk” between 2003 and 2006. Meanwhile, in his Offenbach studio, he created club tracks: a trendy mixture of house and minimal aesthetics, powerful bass lines combined with percussive rhythms. One can still hear and feel where his early influences originate from: i.e., wave, hip hop and club music of the ’90s.

Burkhardt`s sounds cannot simply be reduced to a few catchwords. In spite of his clear groove patterns he manages to achieve a very subtle and complex rhythmic creation. However if you are waiting for ‘hit’ sounds, you will be disappointed. His live set is constantly evolving and consists of songs that are exclusively created for the respective medium. Even the titles that have already been published are not rendered in their original form, but rather integrated into the arrangement that consists of up to twenty songs.

Sa 26.03.2011 23.00
Pfingstweide Zürich

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