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Franco Cinelli in der Pfingstweide

6. April 2011

Franco Cinelli was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1978. He’s one of the most well known techno DJs / Producers in Argentina. Being just 14 years old, he started his djing career. Interested in drums, he began to research the creation and development of music thru computers and samplers. In 1995, inspired by the sounds of Detroit, he made his very first tracks. As the years were passing by Cinelli was gaining experience and became a key player in the Argentine scene. His DJ sets are a harmonic blend between different styles rounded by a flawless mixing technique. He made many dancefloors shake from Mexico City to Ushuaia in the deepest south of the American Continent, but also including important events like MUTEK Argentina, MUTEK Mexico, Creamfields Argentina or SAMC / Shout American Music Conference Buenos Aires. Together with DJ Violett he’s holding the residency ‘Distant Planet’ at notorious Crobar in Buenos Aires.

Since his first European tour in 2003 Franco’s passport collected many new stamps and visas, giving him the opportunity to show his definition of music at important clubs and outstanding festivals such as Watergate Berlin, Weekend Berlin, Harry Klein Munich, Privilege Ibiza, Gazcolder Gallery Moscow, Lightbox London, Vreemd Amsterdam, Concorde Atlantique Paris, Planetarium Vienna, Cityfox Zurich, Irokocontent Salerno, Rizzla Party Catania, Electrosplash Festival Benicassim, Elettrowave Festival Livorno and Shining Festival Munich.

In 2005 after a bunch of early CDs and vinyls Franco released together with Bruno Pronsato the outstanding “Picaro EP”, highly renowned by the press and scoring rank 7 on the top 50 charts of prestigious Groove magazine from Berlin. This was followed by a series of remixes of his track “Sense”, edited by the Barcelonean netlabel Sinergy Networks and reworked by artists such as L.O.D. or Pep Gaya. A year later Franco began to explore new approaches for his sets combining vinyl and laptop, adding a completely new artistic turn to his live performances. 2006 was also the beginning of the deep friendship between him and Esperanza Records from Spain which soon became his home label. This was the moment where requests for edits and remixes from a huge variety of Minimal, Techno and House labels increased to a first climax, granting his name the status of a point of reference for many European DJs and promoters. The following year Franco’s agenda as producer and remixer was highly demanded, bringing up excellent records for imprints such as Hello.Repeat?, Esperanza, Adjunct, Hometown, Weave, Sunset, Produkt, Claque Musique and International Freak Show. Together with Munich based DJ and producer Dario Zenker the project Maria Fresca was born resulting in a spectacular transcontinental collaboration for Ilian Tape and Harry Klein Networks.

Sa 17.04.2011 23:00
Pfingstweide Zürich

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