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Frank Lorber im Kugl

20. April 2011

frank lorber, born in giessen, now lives in the small metropolis of frankfurt. he began spinning records at the very young age of 16. from these humble beginnings, lorber’s dj career would rapidly take root and begin to flourish.

in 1992 lorber took up residency at the legendary “omen” club in frankfurt. together with dj dag, lorber made saturdays at omen simply unforgettable.

with his last album’jailhouse rocker’, frank lorber tried to include the numerous musical experiences he had as a dj and listener to music over the last ten years. due to the huge amount of these influences, the record became appropriately rich and many-sided. from ambient to electro, minimal and ending up with club techno, one finds all the different facets of electronic music. with his first artist album, frank didn’t want to solely leave his usual trail. the record was determined to be a cross-section through his musical identity, which formed over more than ten years of listening and making music. it is full of surprises and will definitely appeal to those who like more than one musical style.

the producers have indeed been chosen in order to create an album containing most various stylistic directions. together with sikora, he covers the experimental, more playful area and uses sophisticated breaks and arrangements. this has created atmospheres that stand for themselves. the tracks “jailhouse rocker” or “medizin” on the other hand developed from a studio session in ober-mörlen with electro-technician anthony rother and johannes heil. the latter has already worked with frank under the name’projekt69′. another longstanding friend, the delirium-mastermind and chef of the’federation of drums’ label, joerg w. henze, is responsible for the more rude and dynamic pieces like “blechtrommel” or “sky high”.

with “jailhouse rocker” by frank lorber, sven vaeth’s label cocoon recordings puts the second artist album on the market and thus carries on following its path: releasing high-class electronic music of most interesting and promising artists on a global platform.

during the co-op with stefan straka, the idea of an own label called “nummer schallplatten” occurred. the label shall provide a platform for young artists frank and stefan are friends with as well as for their own releases on a high quality level, whereas no special style is been followed. so, one can find in the catalogue besides more techno-style tracks like johannes heil or denis rusnak also projects like 2dollaregg, which come up with extraordinary sound designs and of which you will be hearing more on nummer schallplatten soon.

frank’s next project will be a mix cd for sven väth’s label cocoon recordings, and besides that, the label work and supporting new artists is taking time, also the organisation of the distribution for nummer with sales partner kompakt.

Fr 13.05.2011 23:00
Kugl St. Gallen

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