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Marco Zenker im Gasekessel

2. July 2011

Marco Zenker was born in Munichs Glockenbach neighbourhood in 1988. After he came true with skateboarding and other sports, listening to roots Reggae and underground hip hop for years, he discovered at a Harry Klein party, on which his brother Dario was playing, the fascination for electronic music. In the meantime Marco developed his own spaced out dubby techno style. With his 21 years he has already a substantial row of gigs and releases to show. Everything began with dancing – the love for music and letting yourself go with the crowd in a club. His live sets are accordingly full of energy and rhythm whereby it is of course also always about the live moment. Marco never plays whole pieces – his live sets are always complete improvised. Exactly this mixture makes them so exciting and different. This tears people of the age of Ableton Djs – where it is not about the live-mixing-art in itself for many people, but more about at least music from somewhere. Even in the Ableton age where the sound loses always on quality, there are still young artists like Marco Zenker who stick, nevertheless, pertinaciously to old traditions and live the spirit. Together with his brother he runs the label Ilian Tape and is, moreover, a part of Harry Klein Records. Expect the unexpected.

Sa 15.10.2011 23:00
Gasekessel Bern

Marco Zenker im Gasekessel

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