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Gabriel Ananda in der Pfingstweide

4. July 2011

Already when he was a little boy Gabriel Ananda was into music. Gabriel had his first serious encounter with music during a fever rush, listening to Classical music which made him notice the relativity of things for the first time. That happened at the age of 8 years.

His somewhat involuntary cello instruction did not avail but his passion for music found its ways when he was 16 and played songs of Nirvana on his guitar. However his dream of becoming an international rockstar did not come true. But there also was this passion for minimal music à la Steve Reich and the fascination for electronic sounds.

Thus he went on his journey to find his vision of music, which he couldn’t find for two years until he was priviledged to experience a premium DJ-Set by Sven Vaeth in 1995. This was his crucial experience and Gabriel Ananda began experimenting in electronic sounds. Two years later he had his first release on the German Label Hörspielmusik followed by now over 20 singles on imprints like Trapez, Treibstoff, Platzhirsch and Karmarouge Records.

Refreshingly different from the common Techno mainstream Gabriel Ananda breaks hearing-habbits using well dosed deep structured sounds. Connoisseur of the uncommon enjoy his straight and fiddly cool beats. Definitions become useless if Techno, House and Dub merge together like in Gabriel Anandas productions.

This guy knows how to electrify the partycrowd with his Live and DJ sets and how to pull them into his spell. There are no stylistic boundaries for Gabriel Ananda, except his own versatile musical taste. “Acoustic elements give a personal note to my electronic music”.

Gabriel Ananda hit the jackpot by placing his release ‘Süssholz’ as No.1 in the german DJ-charts of the Groove Magazine and making it into the playlists of just about every DJ in 2004, followed by his club smasher “Ihre persönliche Glücksmelodie” in 2005. Thus made him one the rising stars from the well known Cologne minimal house and techno scene and a high frequently booked DJ and Live artist, now playing in clubs all over the world.

In 2006 he did again with his huge hit EP “Miracel Whop” on Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Herr Doppelwhipper swaps melody for acoustic African drums on his second longplayer ‘Bambusbeats’ wich is out since mid-March 2007.

Nowadays Techno has its own fair trade. Basmati, the new label by Gabriel Ananda does not indulge in pretentious bragging. So, what’s it all about? Well, the music, of course. And only the music. Organic stuff, so to speak. Tracks made by pure immersion. No plans, no blueprints. Just going with the flow, unleashing the inner krautrock while staying true to the basics of techno. Gabriel and friends at their best. Inhale.

Fr 12.08.2011 23:00
Pfingstweide Zürich

Gabriel Ananda in der Pfingstweide

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