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Peter van Hoesen in der Zukunft

22. August 2011

“Few upcoming producers have as high a strike rate as Peter Van Hoesen. The Belgian artist’s Time To Express label might as well come with a “buy on sight” sticker, and his releases for Lan have been of a consistently high standard. What’s most impressive about his music is his ability to sound utterly distinctive and forward thinking while using what sounds like just a few elements.” (Resident Advisor)

When it comes down to combining the best of many musical worlds, Peter Van Hoesen can say he’s been doing it for a while now. Deeply rooted in the Belgian electronic music scene as DJ and producer, he is considered by many as a man with multiple musical talents: from straight-up dancefloor jackin’ techno to advanced abstract electronica. His music has been released on his own labels Time To Express and Foton as well as through Berlin’s Lan Muzic and Brussel’s Meakusma. He is active as a DJ, producer, sound designer and composer for contemporary dance and theatre.

Peter’s techno sound is best described as bass-heavy, 6 am warehouse music. His DJ and live sets never fail to add that little bit of extra bassline deepness prevalent in his productions. With a sharp ear for new sounds and scenes his musical approach is distinctly forward looking, while strongly connected to a deep knowledge of electronic dance music’s rich past.

Sa 29.10.2011 24:00
Club Zukunft Zürich

Peter van Hoesen in der Zukunft

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