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André Galluzzi im Cabaret

12. September 2011

André is born in Frankfurt in 1973. When he is 14, he works in a Club behind the bar – the DJ falls ill one day and André gets the chance to fill in behind the decks, an experience that will change the course of his life… In the beginning of the nineties he has become a regular in a variety of clubs, e.g. the „M“ in Mainz or the legendary Berlin „Bunker“. Not long after, he’s already quite popular as a DJ in and around Frankfurt and in Berlin and as a consequence is given a residency in the „Parkcafé“ in Wiesbaden. In 1994 he starts to work for the renowned record distributor Neuton, where he meets Paul Brtschitsch. In 1995, André and Paul found the label TAKSI and – the heyday in their young career – Sven Väth plays their first production in the famous Frankfurt radio show „HR3 Clubnight“.

Shortly after receiving a residency in Berlin’s famous „Tresor“ in 1996, André moves to the capital, where he joins the agency „Good Groove Booking“. After that, his engagements as a DJ become more international, he plays in Sweden, Canada, Holland, Turkey, Switzerland. His productions are released on labels such as TAKSI, Ongaku or Force Inc. He spins at radio stations like Kiss FM, HR XXL, Sputnik or Fritz; his sessions at Berlin’s „Ostgut“ are legendary. Richie Hawtin licenses his TAKSI track „Schneesturm“ for his label Plus 8 and adds a remix. In 2003, André mixes the successful compilation „Galluzzi im Garten“ for the „Ostgut“, produces the track „Maskenball“ with Paul Brtschitsch for the Cocoon Compilation C, and for Ongaku the album „Night on Earth II“.

By now, he has become quite infamous for his intoxicating 10 hour sets; he plays all around the globe and has another residency in Berlin’s „Berghain“. However arduous his working schedule may be, there is still time for creatitivity – he works in the studio with musicians such as John Selway, Guido Schneider or Dana Ruh and has released his third mix compilation for the „Airport“ in Wuerzburg.

Fr 14.10.2011
Cabaret Club Zürich

André Galluzzi im Cabaret

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