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Violett in der Zukunft

27. September 2011

Violeta Torres aka Violett developed her musical taste from her cradle on. A soundtrack mixing Classic and Kraftwerk, Joy Division and Jazz at her parent’s home founded her musical basis. At the age of 17 she discovered electronic music at the local underground scene of Buenos Aires which made her start spinning the records herself, playing soon at all underground parties, clubs and outdoors events throughout the city, always maintaining a specific artistic conception of performance and music selection. 2005 she made her first steps as a producer, but quickly forcing up the pace she brought up a remarkable amount of renowned releases on different imprints such as Telegraph, Unfoundsound, Einmaleins, Lo Mid High and contributed tracks to compilations from Harry Klein Networks, Lessizmore and Igloo Records.

With her particular music style, mixing from Detroit-Techno to Deep and Chicago-House, she became one of the most renowned (female) DJs on the South American continent, holding residencies at the queen of Buenos Aires’ nightlife – Cocoliche – and at notorious Crobar, where she hosts the monthly event ‘Distant Planet’ together with mastermind Franco Cinelli. She participated various times at the prestigious MUTEK festival and played from Brazil over Chile to Guatemala at almost all important venues of the continent.

After 7 tours in Europe, bringing her to Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany it was just a question of time when Violett decided to focus on more projects to conquer the rest of the ears and hearts of the world.

End of 2009 she started her own radio project MARTES VIOLETA, airing directly from Cocoliche Buenos Aires, presenting every Tuesday a show dedicated to unpretentious infos, music, releases and unreleases, focusing on her passion for a deeper sound, which doesn’t necessarily contain a thick baseline.

One tends to wonder where a single person gathers all this energy from, but maybe it’s this mixture of records, clubs and dance floors around the world which inspired her to sit down in her studio and to focus on the last open discipline, the performance as a Live-Act. Under the influence of her curiosity she created a live session full of experiments. The sound of magnetic fields of the Northern Lights, overseas radio broadcasts and her own sound-creatures paired with deep beats and warm pads carries the audience off to a path where Deep and Techno go hand in hand.

If electronic music would be an Olympic discipline Violett would win a medal for Argentine as female tri-athlete for her efforts as DJ, producer and Live-Act. Applause!

Fr 03.02.2012 24.00
Club Zukunft Zürich

Violett in der Zukunft

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