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Burnski in der Pfingstweide

23. October 2011

Burnski is a young whipper snapper, born in 1986 in a small industrial town in the chilly depths of north east England. Emerging from a seaside town renowned for not much more than smog & fish shops, he preferred to spend his time locked away in his studio experimenting with sounds. In his college days at the age of 16, James would spend his Friday nights in the Empire club in Middlesbrough, where his college mate Oli Faulkner would play the warm up sets for the latest big DJ who would roll into town to headline. The young James Burnham would record every set and this would soon begin to direct and broaden his influences. It was at this age he began producing music himself. Fast forward a couple of years down the line and James had found his own musical niche. He would spend most days in the studio, but other than that you would catch him either playing records, tinkling keys on his piano, or lighting fires. Continuing to play piano over the years, he carried a large interest in all forms of composition. James has now found his way on the electronic scene and finds himself representing a wide variation of sounds across the spectrum, playing a little bit of everything from jazz, trip hop, disco, electro, dub, house, minimal & techno, adjusting his sound for the night in question, always armed with a bag of fresh music, healthy for any hour of the night. At the age of 20 Burnski was booked to play at the legendary Back to Basics in Leeds. This made him the youngest main room guest to play there in the 16 year history of the club. A number of repeat bookings followed as he made an immediate connection with the Basics team and crowd and it was a year later when Dave Beer asked him to become the new resident at the club, replacing Paul Woolford. A massive achievement as anyone who is familiar with the history of Back to Basics would know. He has made appearances at some of the best clubs in Europe including Watergate, The Key, The End, TDK festival & Sankeys. His own productions are currently providing a fitting representation of quality on offer amongst the new breed of English producers today

Sa 03.12.2011 23:00
Pfingstweide Zürich

Burnski in der Pfingstweide

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