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Steffi im Loft

9. November 2011

Embracing to music, art and counter-culture, Dutch born DJ and producer and label owner Steffi has become an important figure in the realms of contemporary club music.

With the experience that comes with promoting underground parties for over a decade, and running two successful labels – Klakson, and her new Dolly imprint – Steffi has also developed a natural and professional balance between DJing and producing.

As a resident of Berlin’s Panorama Bar she forged a growing a relationship with the club’s label, Ostgut Ton. Building up her production knowledge and collection of gear since her move to Berlin in 2007, she now has a fully fledged studio in which she has created a very respectable sound indeed.

Her warm, classic-inspired and analog-proud productions have featured as various singles on the label and her first full-length artist album, „Yours & Mine“ plants her firmly on the map as a deft hand at song writing and production. Tracks like the unmistakable „Yours“ featuring Virginia, or pumping warehouse moments like „Mine“ and „Nightspacer“ are undeniably impressive, as is the entire album; an emotional journey reflecting her love for real, uncompromised club music.

Steffi also collaborated with the dedicated Restoration Records as „Third Side“ alongside Lucretio and Marieu, offering up a raw and historic 4 tracker. Also branching out on US label Underground Quality, her smooth night-driving „Reasons“ EP again features Virginia’s wonderful vocal encouragement. Steffi’s productions explore the many channels of her love with house music, just as you will also hear when you see her controlling the sound system in the club.

Always presenting a rich, versatile selection with her skillful, creative mixing style, Steffi continues to distill her huge knowledge and love for this music into her DJ performances. With increased touring and world-wide appearances becoming more and more regular, while also maintaining her residencies in Berlin and at Berns Salonger in Stockholm, Steffi is a talented, passionate and aware member of today’s music culture. A culture whose very strength relies on dedicated artists such as herself.

Fr 30.12.2011 23:00
Loft Club Lausanne

Steffi im Loft

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