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Der dritte Raum im Cabaret

4. January 2012

Andreas Krüger was born in Goettingen in 1963. Growing up in a musical family, Andreas’ was drawn into music at a very early age; but always being interested in technical things as well, he started to experiment with electronic equipment. In 1992, Andreas made contact with Techno and soon this music became his passion. His first release was Animulation on Out-O-Space under the pseudonym Dr.DNA. Soon the first Der Dritte Raum LP followed: Mentalmodulator. The second and – so far – last Dr.DNA Album Heliomorph was also published in these days. The name Der Dritte Raum originates from the time when Andreas and his colleagues got a new – third – recording room at the Out-O-Space Studio. In this connotation, the meaning of this phrase is rather clear; isolated from this connection it is an interesting play on words – something quite familiar to Andreas, whose passion is collecting such wordplays and strange phrases. Meeting Sven Vaeth at a Goa-Party in Hamburg was the beginning of the cooperation with Harthouse Frankfurt. Andreas gave Sven a tape and the latter was rather taken with the music. Andreas says that he never could commit himself to a certain style of music. In 1996, he released some tracks under the pseudonyms 2002, Plaste+Elaste, Perpetuum Mobile, Solid State and Der Stern Von Afrika.

Sa 31.03.2012 23:00
Cabaret Club Zürich

Der dritte Raum im Cabaret

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