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Dario Zenker im Sedel

20. January 2012

Dario Zenker has grown in the course of the time into an inherent part in matter of innovative, electronic music. The inhabitant of Munich is active in the scene for many years and a full blood musician. What confused us in the legendary and musically pedagogic „Green Room“ of Munichs Ultraschall years ago, the modern artist packs it up stimulatingly, unconventionally and brings it on the floor. Whether live played or mixed, Dario is feeling his audience. His sets are very multisided, sometimes more technoid and sometimes more housy, but always with a lot of sense for the crowd and an unique groove. All together with a laxity as if the 27 year old has nothing else on his mind. No wonder it all ended up like this. Since his childhood he was obsessed with music. At the age of 13 he met Dj’s from all over the world which were playing at Ultraschall and found accomodation in his old flat of his step dad Christoph Zenker. Cessation is not an option for him. Techno becomes his passion and for that he lives meanwhile up to a 100%. Since 2006 he’s resident at Harry Klein and as expected the first releases came out the same year. Since 2008 he’s an inherent part of the Vakant crew. His inspiration is life and everything around him, hence, his sound is also enormously many-sided. Together with his brother he runs the labels Ilian Tape and Harry Klein Records.

Sa 31.03.2012 23:00
Sedel Luzern

Dario Zenker im Sedel

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