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Dj W!LD im Hive

20. February 2012

Dj W!LD alias Guillaume Duchastel de Montrouge was born in the 70s in Dijon. The late 80s seduced him with their thriving hip hop scene and at the same time, he started his artistic life as a graffiti artist in the suburbs of Dijon. Hence the name „W!ld“: it’s an allusion to the cult movie of the 80s “Wild Style”, which captures the spirit of the pioneers of hip hop in New York in the late 70s. In the early 90s, in France, techno music was considered a marginal movement only played in a small number of Parisian clubs – that’s when Laurent Garnier appeared on the Dijon scene and started his residency in the otherwise musically rather quiet little town.

W!LD was fascinated and enthralled by the novel music and the encounter with it was a crucial revelation for the continuation of his artistic adventure. In 1996, DJ W!LD had his first opportunity to take possession of the turntables and started playing in renowned Paris clubs like Le Palace, Queen or Rex. The same year, he met the successful DJ and producer Peter Rauhofer, and under the name House Heroes, they produced their club hit „Magic Orgasm“, N°1 in the charts in several countries. In 2003, W!ld and Chris Carrier created the band „Catwash“, which later resulted in the label Catwash Records. The tracks of the two musicians were released on labels such as Detour, Visitor, Brique Rouge, Crack & Speed, Adult Only or Get Physical and quickly found their way into the record bags of artists like Andrew Weatherall, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin or Josh Wink, to name only a few.

In the following years, this musical jack-of-all-trades produced a manifold of tracks, under his artistic name W!LD as well as under his „guise“ Catwash and working with a number of notable artists, releasing on a number of equally notable labels. The year 2010 brought W!LD a residency with Circo Loco and so the Ibiza summer season made him famous throughout Europe. The news even made it to Germany and there reached Sven Väth, who got him on board of the Cocoon ship without further ado. Projects with various artists are in the works and in the beginning of 2011, his album „Palace“ was released on his label Catwash Records. So this is, as he himself states, only the beginning…

Fr 16.03.2012 23:00
Hive Club

Dj W!LD im Hive

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