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Bloody Mary im Cabaret

13. March 2012

Always on the lookout for new sounds and fresh music, the sets of this French-born, Berlin-based Dj provide a fine example of what is happening at the moment. With the explosion of the minimal scene, Mary adds to hit her very own touch. She continuously expresses her love for the German sound every time she takes the decks.

Bloody Mary grew up in the region of Aix en Provence. Her favorite musical genre was new wave until she went to her first rave party and discovered the world of electronic dance music. This revelation inspired her to give it a go herself, and she did her first gig in Marseille only one year after acquiring her first pair of turntables. Bloody Mary soon got booked all over the South of France, establishing herself as a strong figure on the techno scene.

2005: Bloody Mary held a monthly residency at Studio88 (Aix en Pce). Her subsequent move to Berlin took her career to an international level. She regularly played in various cities and clubs in Germany (Watergate Berlin, Harryklein Munich…) and Europe (The End London, Rex Club Paris, Cassero Bologna…). This was only the beginning of her productive career.

2006: Having already focused on her Djing abilities, she set up her studio to make tracks that will go along the lines of her favorite label! This led to her debut release, “Apparence” on Sender Records.

2007: As a producer, she had her second release on Sender in addition to remix for Nomor Records. As a DJ, she expanded her territory, which now includes South America (Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia…) and North America (NYC).

2008: In the studio, Mary began collaborating with Sierra_Sam, and they released a pair of EPs, the first on Einmaleins, and another on ToyForBoys, who will also release her first DJ mix compilation Tanz mit mir this June. Surrounding the release, she makes her return to the US including a stop in Detroit. Outside of her solo work, she is one-third of the newly formed group Gypsy Family, along with her friends Quenum (Cadenza) and Dachshund (Num), who will release their first EP.

2009: Bloody Mary released her debut full-length “Black Pearl”, also the first artist album to appear on the label Contexterrior in its seven-year history. The album revealed a wider picture of her personality to the public, filled with emotion, and it was her best experience so far as a producer! She and the label also released three vinyl EPs corresponding to the album, including remixes by Jay Haze, Sascha Funke, Shonky.

Mary made her first tour in Asia (playing in China and Japan), and also her first appearance at the legendary Fabric, London. She also rocked the USA and Mexico a few more times (Mexico tour starting at Christmastime 2009 for 4 weeks).2010: After building up a successful DJ and production career, what’s a girl to do next? For Bloody Mary, the next logical step is to launch her own record label.

Dame-Music will be a hub for tracks from talent she has befriended over the years in the worldwide techno/house scene. Not pinned down by any particular sound, the label’s output will adhere to only one rule: music that Bloody Mary would include within her DJ sets. For those not lucky enough to have already heard her play, that means: powerful yet refined, invigorating, and ultimately optimistic.

2011: has started on the fast track for Bloody Mary! The major success of “Spinning Around” on her “Arabesque Ep” (Dame-Music 004) out in november 2010 feat Eyke, played on the biggest German radios, has been a kick for Mary. Leading to her first steps at the the notorious “Panoramabar” (Berlin), a date at the famous “Fusion” festival for the summer and her entry to the “Wilde agency” roster. Dame-Music on its side, is boiling…

After the triumph of “Arabesque Ep”, which has been a turning point for the label imprint , with new artists (Komaton and jozif) getting on board, Bloody Mary producing on her own and the one year anniversary compilation ”Potluck” out in June (doube 12″ vinyl) including an amazing panel of artists. Dame-Music label night start to be booked all over Europe … Get ready!

Fr 18.05.2012 23:00
Cabaret Club Zürich

Bloody Mary im Cabaret

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