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Djaimin im Cabaret

3. May 2012

Dario DJAIMIN Mancini, anglo-italo-swiss, was born in Switzerland in 1967. In NYC, he signs his rst single to the missed label Stricly Rhythm, the legendary rst House vinyl records company. At this occasion he meets another big DJ who is the A&R of Stryctly Rhythm at that time, and
who is now the manager of Groove On Records, George Morel.

He also brings him for the 1st time to Switzerland, and so, another big relationship is born too. In 1992, and for the ve following years, Djaimin continues to produce and remix many records and artists under dierent pseudonyms, thereby maintaining his status of a DJ and producer who is well-known/well-established/famous worldwide!

Records like “Hindu Lover”, “Fever”, “Absolute Love” or “Open the Door” appear often in all charts worldwide…

He collaborates with the biggest names of the music industry and promotes foreign DJ stars in Switzerland with his radio show being live on air or live and direct from Clubs. In 1993, he creates together with his best swiss german friend, the legendary DJ and producer “Jamie Lewis”, their rst vinyl label company called Jamie Djaim Records.

This is their rst experience just before them to go more seriously in the records business by creating separately their own labels. For “Jamie Lewis”, Purple Music (now recognized as one of the best House Music label today thanks to the courtesy of Jamie‘s wife Manuela aka Lady Energy too).

in 1998 Djaimin sets up with Mr Mike and Bryan Allen their record society called DMB comprising also a vinyl label called Basement Planet. They release hit songs like “Put Your Hands Up”, “Pump It Up” and “Worlwide Party” from The Black & White Brothers earning international recognition for Djaimin and his team.

At the same time, he creates a new band called Crystal Clear with his old friends Alessandra (the same vocalist from “GIVE YOU”) and her husband Fred, an amazing guitar and bass player. Two of their releases become big/instant classics, one in 1999 called “Gipsy Love”, a huge summer song hit, and the second in 2000, called “Live Your Life” that is also released on Tony Humphries label Yellorange and becomes another massive Club Hit!

In 1998, Warner Bros. produces his 1st “Best Of Complation” (a homage to his 1st decade of productions) mixed by Tony Humphries, the DJ and producer model to Djaimin. The single Pump It Up is so big that after 10 years Djaimin decides to stop his radio show with the same name (Pump It Up Live) in order to give himself over to a solo project… a new challenge.

Sa 26.05.2012 23:00
Cabaret Club Zürich

Djaimin im Cabaret

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