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Nico Stojan in der Zukunft

14. May 2012

2009 saw the launch of Nico Stojan into the stratosphere of house music as he found asylum in Berlin’s legendary late bar 25, where he joined the crew by becoming a resident with his jazz, hip-hop and soul infused sounds. Continuing his residency in bar 25’s offspring KaterHolzig, Nico remains a big name on the Berlin underground and not-so-underground scene, playing in such clubs as Cocoon, Watergate and Panoramabar, as well as for the Bachstelzen parties and Fusion and Sonnemondsterne festivals. Perhaps better known to others as DJ Nicon, he kick started his DJ career in the hip-hop world, as tour DJ for German hip-hop act Kool Savas. After 15 years of hip-hop however, Nico eventually came to find himself in house music, as he was embraced by the afore-mentioned bar 25. His influences go deeper than hip-hop, however. A classically trained clarinet and sax player, Nicos youth was colored with the sounds of jazz and soul. The influences of all these genres echoed in his rich musical background can be heard in his contemporary productions and musical taste which distinguish Nico as a solid yet multi-faceted artist.

Being in the game for more than half his life and getting a residency in his first club when he was sixteen, means that Nico was a child of the now nearly-extinct vinyl era. Indeed, the years of hawling kilos of record crates from train platform to platform have left their mark on his body as well as his career. But giving him more than just a bad back, growing up with vinyl means Nico acquired a keen sense of control over the tracks played in a set; a fostered respect for the values and skills found only in the teachings of working with vinyl. He believes that although we live in modern times and can ride with and enjoy its technological advancements, the role of the DJ mustn’t be forgotten- there to merge and mix songs; not merely to play them. His preference for using Serato software during his sets is a direct reflection of this. And whereas it seems that nowadays, with the help of sync software everyone and their mom can call themselves a DJ, Nico’s not-so-conventional approach to DJing sets him apart from the ever-growing crowd.

Asides from his DJing techniques, there is more to praise about Nico, and more to set him apart. His productions include remixes for Pele, Acid Pauli and Pilocka Krach, and recent projects with Andri, Niconé and Philip Bader. Furthermore, Nico has releases on labels such as Highgrade, Stil for Talent, Connaisseur, Natural Rhythm, Kindisch, Bar25, Katermukke and Lexy and Philip Bader’s label Dantze, the latter of which most recently saw a collaboration with David Keno. He is also part of the UponYou and URSL label family. This wide range of collaborations means Nico is never idle, ever creating and always evolving his talent. These collaborations are as diverse as his musical past, but all are bound and marked by a deep, soulful sound, in which a cheeky, funky twist is never shyed away from.

With an established confidence as a house DJ, Nico is now focusing his efforts on reaching the same level of professionalism in his productions. Keep your ears peeled as you’ll no doubt be hearing more and more of this shining bright talent.

Th 19.07.2012 23:00
Club Zukunft Zürich

Nico Stojan in der Zukunft

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