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Sven Väth in der Maag Event Hall

31. May 2012

The year 2011 is mainly characterised by Sven Väth’s 30 Years DJ anniversary. At the beginning of the year, Sven is invited to an event organised by the German Goethe Institute in Tokyo on the 150th anniversary of the German-Japanese friendship in order to talk with his long-time friend and colleague Toby Izui within a discussion panel about 30 years of DJing, on the basis of Sven’s essay about his work as a DJ and the relation of Germany and Japan regarding Techno and club culture. In this context, Cocoon Recordings has also called for a producer contest in Japan and invited the winner to a personal meeting with Sven Väth in Frankfurt at the Cocoonclub.

During his traditional Australia tour, the terrible news about the disastrous events in Japan reach Sven. He is deeply shocked and the events make him think about the meaning of his work. In a statement on the catastrophe, he writes, “With my music, I have the privilege to contribute to this ‘here and now’, no matter where on this world. Many people regain their strength when they let themselves go in the music, and they need this strength for their daily life.” In the sense of these words, he continues his world tour, which leads him to numerous club and festival stages on all continents (except Antarctica). Also the Ibiza season at Amnesia turns out to be the most successful summer since the residency had started and attracts more guests than ever before. Sven is again elected Best DJ in Groove Magazine at the end of the year and finishes the year with some more gigs in South America and Europe.

Sven’s annual World Tour takes him to Asia and Australia first, before he returns to Europe and then heads to South America in April. The Ibiza season starts as successful as the year before and sees Sven performing as headliner no less than 13 times at the Amnesia.

Another important event in the life of the DJ visionary in this summer is the birth of his first son Tiga on July, 26th in Vienna. In September, the Green & Blue open air marks the grand finale after a phenomenal summer season, and more than 15,000 Cocoon fans celebrate at the Langen lake far into the night.

At the end of the year, Sven Väth publishes his personal retrospect in the form of his mix CD “The Sound Of The Eleventh Season”, which immediately hits #1 in the category Best Compilation in the annual poll of Raveline magazine. Besides that, Sven is voted Best DJ national in the Groove magazine poll.

Sa 11.08.2012 22:00
Maag Event Hall Zürich

Sven Väth in der Maag Event Hall

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