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Bruno Pronsato in der Via Felsenau

26. July 2012

Bruno Pronsato (aka Steven Ford) has been subverting expectations within techno’s upper echelons since 2003-but the Seattle producer took a circuitous path to reach his current lofty status. A former speed-metal drummer with a serious appreciation for 12-tone composers, Pronsato began creating electronic music in 1999 under the moniker Bobby Karate. His sole album in that guise-2003’s Hot Trips, Cold Returns-mutated microsound into a cornucopia of fascinating shapes. However, later that year, Ford transferred his acumen for advanced tone-bending into the experimental-techno realm, as evidenced by Pronsato’s debut 12”, Read_Me (for the Kompakt-distributed Orac Records). Pronsato followed that with the acclaimed full-length Silver Cities (Orac), a phenomenal derangement of dance-music tropes and an ear-tricking delight on headphones. Stellar reviews in XLR8R, The Wire, The Stranger, and various European zines led to interest from elite labels worldwide, including Canada’s Musique Risquee, which issued the Ape Masquerade EP in 2005. A powerful, exciting set at Montreal’s 2005 Mutek festival has furthered Pronsato’s ascendancy within avant-techno circles and has resulted in bookings at prestigious clubs in Europe, the United States, and South America.

Sa 15.09.2012 23:00
Via Felsenau Bern

Bruno Pronsato in der Via Felsenau

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